School Lunches


For September 2021, we have updated our current menu to include a variety of balanced and healthy meal options, whilst keeping many of our children’s favourites!

The updated menu will continue to offer:

A 2 week rolling menu

The choice of a hot main meal or a sandwich

A choice of dessert

The online ordering system will remain the same as last year. There are two separate Google forms for infant and junior children. The links to access these forms have been sent via email.

This only needs to be completed once in order to establish your child’s meal pattern.

You will need to complete one for each child in school.

It will ask you to:

  • Provide your child’s name and class
  • Select your child’s main meal options

(Children will be able to select their own desserts daily.)

Your chosen meal options will then be fixed for the 2 week rolling menu.

This will allow us to speedily prepare our lunches, ensuring all children receive their chosen option.

Note – Due to the universal free lunch offer, we assume that all infant children will select school lunches every day.


Selecting school lunches on given days – junior children

We would prefer that junior children do not mix packed lunches brought from home and school dinners, but we realise that some parents may prefer this option. However, we do not have the flexibility to allow school lunches on ‘odd days’. All lunch selections must be a fixed pattern.

Please note:

  • The days you choose in Week 1 must also be the same for Week 2 eg if you choose Tuesday from Week 1, you must also select Tuesday from Week 2.
  • You cannot choose Tuesday in Week 1 only and Wednesday in Week 2 only.

These requirements are due to the online payment system.

Junior children bringing packed lunches from home every day

Please ensure you complete a form for Junior children who do not require a school lunch on any day. You should select the option: “Bringing a school lunch from home” for each day.

 Please click here to see our updated menu for September 2021

Click here to download the Parents Guide to Free School Meals