Online Resources


Please find below a selection of links to online resources to assist both parents and children.

Safe Search Engines
Searching for key words in Google, Google images or YouTube is not safe for children. These sites are intended for adults. Even safe searching sites can provide inappropriate suggested links. Teach children to read the information below the links to check the site is relevant.

Swiggle – child friendly safe search engine

Primary School ICT – search engine for children with a ‘safe’ image search

Advice on safe searching

Inserting Clip Art
Office now uses Bing for clipart. Children should check the words they intend to search for with a teacher/parent. Web filtering does filter out the most inappropriate images, however, some image searches may bring up images that are not intended for children. If in doubt, use a safe site, save and insert images.

BBC Education

Online Encyclopaedia

DK Findout! is child safe online resource area to research almost anything

Curriculum –  Maths

BBC Education

Nrich – maths games, resources and ideas

Curriculum –  English

Read Write Inc – Parents Support

BBC School Radio – stories, stimulus sounds and interviews with authors

BBC Jackanory Junior

Michael Rosen – Video Poetry Book

BBC – Newsround

BBC – archived resources (no longer updated)