Welcome to the Reception Class, where it all begins!

We strive to make learning interesting, engaging and fun.

In Reception we are active learners who love to play, explore and demonstrate our ability to create and think critically.

We plan learning opportunities based on children’s interests which ensures that children enjoy their learning. Take a look at our Yearly Planner to see what exciting topics we plan to cover this year.

Our typical day would begin with Read Write Inc. In this time we learn to read and write sounds and words and begin to read short stories. This is a very fun and engaging approach to teaching and learning phonics.  After playtime we have maths activities that link to our weekly maths challenge. Afternoons provide opportunities for children to explore the classroom, outdoors and take part in activities linked to other areas of development such as expressive arts and design and understanding the world. We also have weekly RE and PE lessons in the afternoons as well.

You can prepare your child for school by ensuring that they can:

-use a knife and fork to eat

-take care of their toileting needs

-dress and undress themselves

-hold a pencil and other tools such as scissors and be able to use these with good control

-identify some colours, shapes, numbers and letters, including those in their name

-write their name

Parents/carers are regularly informed of how they can help their child at home. A newsletter is sent home weekly informing parents of what we have learnt in school each week along with homework and suggestions for giving their child extra support. Family members can support a child’s learning at home by:

-reading story books with children, discussing characters, events and settings

-recognising numbers and sounds and practicing forming them with a pencil

-encouraging children to read signs and words in trickier books etc by sounding out words and then blending them together e.g. p-i-n … pin    f-i-sh … fish

-providing opportunities for children to count groups of objects, compare quantities and count how many there are altogether.

-question children about the shape and measures of objects e.g which is the heaviest piece of fruit?  What shape is the clock? What do you know about that shape?

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Miss White

Curriculum Yearly Overview 2017-18

Medium Term Plan 2017-18

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